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Our Guarantee & Promise to You…

Happy Clam Store  © All Rights Reserved   2010 - 2017    Fun Stuff.  Fun Life.  Simi Valley, Ventura County, California

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We opened our boutique Happy Clam Store online in 2010 to help folks lighten up, laugh out loud, and stop taking everything in life so seriously. We do adulting right.


We specialize in affordable, hilarious, and clever gifts for fun-loving adults.

Somehow, all the wacky, irreverent, cray-cray folks keep finding us. We know who you are: Anne Taintor and Knock Knock fans we’re looking at you. You too, our Faux Real T-Shirt customers!

Kindred spirits, we are.

We offer retro-style, hands-on toys. No batteries needed.

Kids today still enjoy gadget-free play with old-school, classic toys. We’re always on the lookout for high quality, safe, artsy, and clever toys for young kids and older kids - like us Gen X folks at Happy Clam Store.

Our growing inventory of children’s books fulfill the 3 E’s curriculum: entertain, educate, and engage.

Show excitement when you read to kids. Use different voices and exaggerated facial expressions. Add some goofy commentary. This is also how we are when we work. Playing around is not just for kids, y’all!

Often goofy and feeling snacky.

Smiling is easy.

We celebrate everything.

We play with stuff.

Love to read.  (Marissa loves Matt Damon.)

Enjoying life to the fullest!

We’re goofballs even when we’re not hungry.

Merica !!

Thank you for visiting!

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Mention this website or one of our products and we’ll message you a 10% off promo code.

Keep spreading goofiness and fun.

~ Marissa ~

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Happy Clam Store’s promise to you:

Because you’ve come to us to find quirky, affordable, quality gifts - we clearly share the same mission of spreading goofiness and fun. But it isn’t funny when something goes horribly wrong with your order or our products.

If you’re not totally Happy as a Clam with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make it right. Because we’re cool like that.

At the Sandcastle Stockroom - Happy Clam Store (I have to stand like this so my arm doesn't look so flabby.)